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Did You Know?

  • GuestReviews are already included on Any of your past guests can go there and complete the GuestReview survey.
  • In addition to the letter grade shown on you can see how many surveys were used to compile that Grade.
  • Parks who have not signed up for the GuestReview program may have already received reviews, but, since they have not signed up for the program, they are not getting copies of the surveys.
  • Having 50+ surveys adds to the validity of your park's listing … it's understood you think your park is great … but consider how powerful is it if 50 guests give you an "A"!

See list of parks that have registered and/or have received reviews.


Assessing your customer satisfaction should be a key factor when assessing how your park is doing, and where to invest your improvement capital.That is a laborious process without an automated survey tool.


GuestRatedA free level for the GuestReviews program is included for all regular members. This program sponsored by ARVC allows guests to review your park, and the results are automatically tabulated into a letter grade that is displayed on


Guest Reviews provides:

  • Professionally designed survey invitations and emails.
  • Confidential online surveys pinpointing 34 standard measurements of guest satisfaction.
  • Survey link for your park's website.
  • Password protected access for you to review survey results.
  • Optional display of your survey results on GoCampingAmerica.

This is a powerful customer satisfaction tool, and the hard work of developing the right questions has already been done for you. It is free to you; you simply have to sign up.


Parks that really want to capitalize on this tool will actively invite their guests to participate. Simply signing up and putting a link on your website is insufficient. You have to send a follow-up email after your guests leave asking them to provide feedback. With today’s automated registration software, data and email collection has already been done. You just need to harvest the information and use it to your advantage.

Most RV parks are constantly trying to increase their occupancy. You place ads. You build websites. You write newsletters. You run discounts and special offers. And you wonder why you have empty spaces. Unless you are actively asking your customers for their input, all the advertising money you spend may be misdirected.


GuestReviews provides you insight into your customers preferences, what they want and expect and how they perceived your park. Without customer feedback, your advertising messages could be wrong. You may be spending money needlessly within the park. You may be ignoring vital attributes that keep your customers from coming back. GuestReviews will help you judge the level of customer service you provide.


Register Today!

It's easy to sign-up and there is no cost to CalARVC members for the basic level of service. There are additional features and reports available at reasonable rates. For full details and testimonials visit


Not sure if you've signed up or have received reviews?

The list is changing all the time, but click here to see the most recent list we have. Or, you can contact GuestReviews directly at 877.707.7080 to find out if you have signed up and how to improve your participation.


Remember -- having a large number of reviews validates your park's listing on and your own website. It's worth the effort to have a good rating on both and Camper's care what other campers think!

Let GuestReviews help you attain operational excellence!


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