Add Checklists to your Checklist for Safety

A safe workplace begins at the top – With YOU.


Is your location a safe spot for both employees and customers? How can you be sure?


It is essential that you provide staff with clear rules regarding safety, the means to achieve a safe workplace and clear consequences if safety guidelines are not followed.


Consider ensuring the safety of your staff and customers by re-evaluating safety at your location. Consider how safety plays a role in your human resources policies, operational procedures, and in the storage of materials, hazardous chemicals and retail items.


Safety and Hazard checklists are an excellent way to identify hazards as well as reinforce policies and procedures that will ensure your campground is a safe place to work and play.

By providing your staff with checklists that have been customized to your location, you will enable them with the tools to maintain a safe (and liability free) workplace!


A variety of Safety and Hazard checklists can be created to ensure a safe environment. For example: How do you store toxic chemicals, from basic cleaning supplies, to septic tank specific products? Are your employees properly trained in how to store, handle, and clean up after these products?

A Checklist will aid you in ensuring that staff is properly trained and able to maintain a safe work environment.


“Are employees trained in the safe handling practices of hazardous chemicals such as acids, caustics, etc?” asks one question on the Chemical Exposures Checklist on This customizable Checklist and many others are available through the State Compensation Insurance Fund on their website at


As you re-evaluate safety at your location, consider what checklists might be useful to both your staff and your customers. Safety checklists are an easy, but essential, step to ensuring a safe and liability free workplace!


Please check back in the future for sample lists and templates you can use as you create your Injury and Illness Prevention Program!