Safety Signage

Safety signs are so commonplace that they are often neglected as part of a comprehensive safety program. As an employer, providing clear and accurate signage to inform employees and customers of safety hazards is not only a smart thing to do – it is your legal obligation.


Appropriate signage protects your employees from danger, protects you from liability, and meets your legal obligation as an employer and business owner. Safety signs warn of possible danger, they offer guidance regarding product storage and usage, and are essential to ensuring that your Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is carried out in the workplace.


Safety signs serve a variety of purposes. Some warn employees to take caution when entering a hazardous area. Others offer guidance regarding environmental hazards. For example, if your campground is an occasional habitat for rattlesnakes, you might elect to place warning signage in highly affected areas. Other signs meet legal requirements and standards enforced by CalOSHA.


Ensuring your workplace has adequate signage does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are a number of online providers who will allow you to create signage at no cost. Websites such as and provide employers with the tools to design custom signs. Employers may also choose from a variety of commonly required signs. You can elect to print the signs for free on your own color printer, or have them professional printed through the online provider or another company.


For more information on meeting CalOSHA standards and requirements through signage, please visit our section on CalOSHA Consultative services for employers.